Building a common
energy future
in Central Asia.

Common Borders. Common Solutions. Common Energy Future.

Common Borders. Common Solutions. Common Energy Future.

CAREC Energy supports its member countries in achieving their shared vision of a reliable, sustainable, resilient, and reformed energy market by 2030.

The energy system of a country is one of its most complex, expensive, and sophisticated sets of assets. A reliable energy system is the backbone of any modern economy and essential for the well-being of people. "Keeping the lights on" under all conditions is a shared challenge for the entire CAREC region and remains a top priority up to 2030.

CAREC Energy Ministers Dialogue 2019

Good Neighbours. Good Partners. Good Prospects.

The Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) Program is a partnership of 10 Central Asian countries and development partners working together to promote development through cooperation. Since its inception in 2001, CAREC has mobilized $39.2 billion in investments that have helped increased energy trade and security, facilitated free movement of people and freight, establish multimodal transportation networks, and laid the groundwork for economic corridor development. CAREC Energy is a subprogram of the overall CAREC Program.

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